Sunday20 Jan
Few clouds
Pressure: 1019 hPa
Humidity: 86%
Temp min: 5°C
Temp max: 5°C
TrafficLast updated 16:47
Ref No.: 123991
Starts / Drives: Yes / Oh yes
Keys Available: No need
Speedo Reading: 112
Category: X

Some blood and oil splatter inside. Otherwise in working condition. Auto destruct not included.

Ref No.: 66966
Starts / Drives: Yes / Yes
Keys Available: Yes
Speedo Reading: 352,000
Category: D

Small dent to rear bumper due to crash with police car. Sold with two clowns that are not that funny.

Ref No.: 18245
Starts / Drives: Yes / No
Keys Available: Yes
Speedo Reading: 390,000
Category: D

No visible damage. Engine sounds ok. Drives ok, flying capabilities not tested since last crash.

Ref No.: 18245
Starts / Drives: No / Yes
Keys Available: No
Speedo Reading: 142,000
Category: D

Engine does not start but drives. Can be pushed up to 10 miles an hour, depending on elevation.